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Our First Guest Collaboration on Miketendo64.com is with none other than Zelda Theorist Jesse McCarty AKA GameOver Jesse. As part of our #ZeldaMonth event, GameOver Jesse will be providing us with some his favourite videos on YouTube from other Youtubers and some of his own. From Zelda Theories To Nintendo Parodies, It is now over to GameOver Jesse to give us his first video in the “GameOver Jesse Selects” (Inspired by the Nintendo Selects). This is ‘Octodad in Real Life’ by Two Button Crew.

“The Two Button Crew is a YouTube channel dedicated to Nintendo fans. Every day except Sunday, they post daily Nintendo related videos. From discussions, let’s plays, history on cancelled games, comical skits and much more. Don’t let the low subscriber count fool you. Their channel is less than a year old and hasn’t caught a lot of attention just yet. With that said, I personally believe their dedication and the quality of their content is something that I personally strive for on my own channel. As professional as their videos are, they still like to goof off at times and bring some crazy original content. This video made to celebrate the release of Octodad on Wii U is a perfect example. It quickly became one of their most popular videos and fan demand became so high, they created a follow up episode during black friday.”

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