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Finally, after months of nothing, the Twilight Princess HD news has started to flow and it’s not alone. From Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon, the Miketendo64 team is here to keep you updated. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week and we’ve included a new section where we include our latest reviews. These are our News Highlights of the week!



It may have taken forever to land on the Wii U, but Minecraft’s story mode took no time at all. With the 5th episode out on all other the other platforms the game is available on, the first episode has arrived in the eShop, which does come at a cost, as does the other four episodes that will follow in the coming weeks/months. There is a season pass on offer, but in all seriousness there is almost no point for it as the season pass only contains episodes 2-5, meaning you’ll still have to buy the first one and not actually save anything, but story mode is here, so let us rejoice!


Source: Ron Duwell of TechnoBuffalo


Super Mario Maker (COURSE DELETION):

Instead of a new update, or newly announced costumes, we were all talking about Nintendo deleting a few of the courses that we at home, created. There was outrage over this, having the company remove levels from being able to find and play online and place a ban on them so that they can never be uploaded again, but it’s not like we weren’t warned. From Day One Nintendo told us they would retain the right to delete our courses without having to tell us and if you actually look at the levels that are being deleted, they are only the ones that act as advertisements for companies such as Jack Daniels, and some really bad troll levels. As for the actual quantity of levels deleted and banned, it’s actually a small number, so it’s not like we’re all losing levels left, right and centre and despite belief, Nintendo are in fact doing nothing wrong, but merely doing what they said they would. It is a shame, but it is what it is and nothing is going to change it, the only thing about this that will ruin the game for you, is if you let this ruin the game.



Splatoon (ONE LAST MAP):

Last week it was the final weapon, this week, the final stage was released, Ancho-V Games marks the 10th map to wreak havoc in, since the game launched last year with just five areas. Set inside an office, this level will have you making your way past workstations. You can’t deny Splatoon was a game that really lightened the mood shooter games. Bright, colourful and very inky!


Source: Tom Phillips of EuroGamer



All those in Japan are a lucky bunch because the game is out, as well as a very special NEW HYRULE 3DS XL and already they are transferring the likes of Tetra and Linkle to the Wii U Edition of Hyrule Warriors, thanks to a download code that comes with the game. As for those of us in Europe, we’re due for an early release, by one day. It’s not the earliest of releases we could have got, but hey, a day is one less day we have to wait for it, but it also means we have one less day of playing Twilight Princess HD before swapping Wii U, for 3DS. Legendary days await!




Yesterday Smash went offline due to routine dose of maintenance, but it turns out that was just the start as January the 25th will see a whole load more being done, ceasing all online functions, including being able to sign in to your Nintendo ID. The maintenance will start at noon and won’t be back till 6PM Pacific time. So if you’re looking to get your game on, you’re just going to have to start a lot sooner or get it all out of your system during the weekend and then don’t play until the maintenance is over.


Source: Ben Lamoreux of Gamnesia


Virtual Console (ZACK & WIKI AND A TOUCH OF 64):

This week’s eShop arrival was of course the point and click game, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure and Mario Kart 64 not wanting to be side-lined, it tore down the racetrack just to have one last run in the sun. Yes Mario Kart 8 is clearly the better choice to play on the Wii U, but some days you just can’t beat a classic game like Mario Kart 64!


Source: Ward Westerink of Gamnesia



Coming into our line of fire was the Plague Knight campaign mode of Shovel Knight. After all, if a game mode, or dlc,  plays, feels and acts like a game in its own right, it deserves to be reviewed as such, so with after hours of potion classes, the review was penned and you can check it out for yourself with the link below:

Potions Class with Plague Knight – Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows – Review (Wii U)



The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (AMIIBO DUNGEON AND MORE):

Last week it was a dungeon announcement, this week, elaborated details on it and a dungeon. A dungeon just for Wolf Link, which as we have covered already, you will need the Wolf Link amiibo for, but the amiibo does have a use in Legends too. Revealed by Nintendo of Europe, the Wolf Link amiibo will unlock enhanced weapons for Midna, so if you needed a reason to play as her, that’s a good one. Another great reveal this week was that from this point on, there is to be a steady supply of news and reveals, courtesy of Malo of Malo Mart, concerning the game from now until the release and that’s just gravy with us. As long as the trailers and screenshots keep coming, we’ll just keep losing our minds. Twilight Princess is my favourite game on the Nintendo Wii and I don’t doubt for a second it won’t rival my love for Hyrule Warriors!


This month just keeps getting better and better and with one more week to get through, anything could happen, but when it does, we’ll be there ready to share and divulge to all. We’ve got you covered.


By Mike Scorpio

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