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Such an unusual title to go with, but hey, it’s for a good reason because there is a new Event Course costume up for grabs and this time it’s Frog Mario, so try not to take a bite out of those legs people, he needs them for saving the Mushroom Kingdom.


With the latest Course Event out, NES REMIX, the Super Mario Bros 3 costume can be obtained and I for one am most ecstatic about this, as both the Frog costume and Hammer costume, are my favourite power-ups in the entire gaming franchise and I was a bit disheartened about not being able to have their actual power-up items implemented in the game, it would have been really cool to hide the Frog suit in a question mark block on underwater levels, but it was not to be. Still at least we got it now as an amiibo costume, which can only mean one thing, get ready for a wave of underwater levels, designed with Frog Mario in mind.


It probably wouldn’t even stop there, we’ll most likely see Super Mario Bros 3 levels, recreated in the SMB format, which would be pretty cool and with this amiibo costume adding another Mario outfit to the game, it begs the question, “Just how many more Mario costumes will follow?” Yes it’s a game that celebrates his 30th anniversary, but with a whole load out already, isn’t it about time we got a second Luigi outfit, such as Mr L, after all, who doesn’t love Mr L? Also with Cat Mario and now Frog Mario out, does this mean we might get more costumed Marios, such as Bumblebee, Hammer, or even Metal Mario? Would be real cool if we did and with the likes of Necky, Arino Kacho and Super Mario Kun, almost anyone and everyone could make an appearance, there really is just no way of knowing, until they come out.

Frog costume

One thing that has been said, back before the Cats and Frog came out to play, and when Necky was believed to be amiibo costume number 105, is that there are supposed to be another 95 to come, bringing the grand total up to 200 costumes, but one flaw with that is it just isn’t possible for them to all be Event Course unlockable costumes, because yes they could put out a whole lot of levels over the space of a year, but it just isn’t practical, unless they mean to put out another update, where up to 50 costumes can be acquired, but it means playing through easy, normal and expert mode of the 100 Mario Challenge once again and if that’s the case, great, just as long as there isn’t a harder version of Gnat Attack. I’ve been through enough trauma already, an even harder mode would easily finish me off.


Either way, Nintendo isn’t done with Super Mario Maker and neither are we and the only way to find out who the other costumes are going to be, is to literally wait for them to come out. Oh Joy.

Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!



By Jack Longman

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