At Last! Super Mario Maker gets checkpoints and more.

Nov 4th will be the bringer of good news as Nintendo releases a free software update for Super Mario Maker that includes checkpoints (by shaking the arrow tool), status dependent items (like placing a mushroom on top of a fireflower and putting them both in a box so that if Mario hits it when he is small, he will get a mushroom and a fireflower if he is big) and a new category in course world “Event Courses” where you can play special event courses to unlock new costumes. Nintendo have also created an Official Mario Maker Courses option in the ‘Makers’ section of course world. On top of that there is an extra even more challenging version of the Gnat Attack minigame if you keep shaking the Muncher plant until the huge Gnat comes out. I know I am definitely thrilled about this new update. I hope you guys and girls are too!


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