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Want to have your Super Mario Maker Levels showcased? well you will soon be able to with our brand new webseries the ‘Super Mario Maker Bros’ Show. Presented by Mike Scorpio, he and guests will take on some of the many levels that have been created by You. The show will be broken into 3-5 segments. The first, is our 3 picks from the many courses available, part 2 is the showcasing of your courses using the Course ID’s you send into us. Part 3 will be our guest spot where you can watch their reaction as they play a level. Part 4 will be a spitballing segment where Mike Scorpio & guests will talking about Super Mario Maker and what kind of surprises and DLC they think Nintendo should add to the game to keep the SMM ball rolling. The last segment will feature one of our courses. To apply for┬áthe┬áspecial guest slot, submit to us your playthrough of a particular level via dropbox or Youtube and then send us the link for us to integrate into upcoming episodes, we won’t be able to feature all of your levels and guest segments but you will still be eligible for our Mini Mario Maker Bros Show in which will be bitesize shorts that we will upload as and when. We aim to air the show once a week with the bitesize segments as and when. If you are interested then be sure to get in contact with us via or leave a comment below.

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