Amazon Now Selling Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Games Digitally

September 3, 2015 12:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Amazon has begun selling digital copies of Wii U & 3DS games in which you will recieve a code to download them from the Nintendo eShop. This is good news for those who prefer digital copies, but I am old school and still enjoy having a physical collection of video games, I am the same with books (and game guides!). The feel of having something real the hands far outweighs something nonexistential that you can look at but not touch. Though saying that, I do have a number of virtual console titles downloaded onto my Wii U as I don’t have the original console necessary to play them (Yes I am talking about my Beloved N64, may it find solace wherever it may be). But with my personal thoughts aside, this will surely be beneficial to those that don’t have access to buying physical copies due to delivery problems and such and this may well be a better option for them.

Source: Amazon Now Selling Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Games Digitally

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