Nintendo E3 Reveal: Hyrule Warriors All Stars

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Written By J.H. Longman

Hyrule Warriors 3DSRight now there is only one thing Zelda fans are tongue wagging about, the “leaked” reveal of a trailer played that showed Hyrule Warriors, playable on 3DS. Let’s get into it.

As well as a new title, Hyrule Warriors All-Stars, the 3DS version comes with two new characters, fresh from the Wind Waker Zelda title. That’s right ladies, gentleman and gamers you can now play as both Tetra with her dagger and marking the return of the King, is The King of Red Lions, the Monarch of Hyrule, is King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule himself.

Both new characters are playable on the Wii U version, but so far it looks like in order to add them to your character roster, you may have to purchase the 3ds game and “transfer” them over. Now all of this may change, as an all new dlc could be announced for Hyrule Warriors Wii U, when Nintendo take to the stage on June 16th for their direct E3 Presentation @9am PST, something no Zelda fan is going to want to miss. There are so many thoughts and theories going on about this right now, even my mind is going made with ideas and ponderings, but no! I could write them, I really want to, but I’m going sit back and just see what Nintendo has to say about all this myself. Wait for Fact as opposed to giving in to Fiction, even though fiction is totally fun.

What would be totally awesome, would be seeing Hyrule Warriors able to connect the 3ds to the Wii U game, thanks to a new Wii U update and allow the 3ds to be used as another controller, just like they did with Smash!

And now, this is where I leave you, where you can watch the video for yourself, as we all wait for the latest Nintendo News, direct from their E3 Presentation: (But that gold ocarina, oooh, so shiny!!!) And don’t worry, when the news does break, the @Miketendo64 team will be here to give our feedback and news breakdown.

Hyrule Warriors 3DS Trailer:

Till Next Time and remember, stay gameful.

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