I found some hidden gems on Youtube that I just had to share with you all. It is a series of animated interviews with Link from Twilight Princess. I have put together a compilation of all eight shorts so you can watch them all in one big block. Of course, I do not own nor claim to own this video. All credit goes to Karl Bauer, the talented animator who created this animation from scratch without the use of models all on Maya (an animation software) and obviously to Nintendo as well for creating The Legend Of Zelda in the first place. This is an superbly done animated interview with Link with plenty of comical elements to it. Have you ever wondered why Link never sinks with the Iron boots removed? Or What it was like being a Wolf? You can find out now it this video.

The original video, you can find here and a link to Karl Bauer’s Youtube channel here.


By Mike Scorpio

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