Racing for Rupees _SFM_ - HD 720p _File2HD.com__0002Youtuber Callegos-Y known for his animated shorts has put his skills to work again and created this gem. Depicting Link, The Hero Of Time as he struggles to buy a shield and has to resort to dastardly methods to procure enough rupees by destroying pots and robbing graves . Set in the Hyrule Market Town from The Ocarina Of Time  with a lot of cameos from other series; from the Bazaar guy (OoT) to Ilia (TP) and even an outstretched hand which undoubtedly belongs to midna (TP). It is wonderfully done and the video itself is made via Source Film Maker, the characters are all model templates that can be downloaded via the program. I do find his ingenuity to put this whole video together amazing and really glad he did because this video great fun to watch.

By Mike Scorpio

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