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I have just checked out the launch trailer for Splatoon, and I have to say that it had made more of an impression on me, than all the other trailers that have come out to build up the hype. It makes me think that maybe Nintendo should have led with this trailer to begin with, it shows all of what you can expect in the game without giving too much away. The “Squid Kid” trailer was ok but I found it more of an Put-Off than a Put-On and I actually lost interest in the game. However, this new trailer has re-piqued my interest and now the game is a possible reconsideration for me. If you haven’t already got the game and are still sitting on the fence like myself. I recommend watching this trailer before making a decision. It may be just the right amount of motive to help influence your decision. If you are considering buying the game or even the Amiibo to go with it. You can use the links provided below to go to your Amazon region. Good Luck and happy hunting!

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splatoon 3      Game Only       Game Bundle

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