Asda-Superstore_Cape_HillIt seems that the UK supermarket Asda has lost the love for all things Nintendo as it is going to stop selling DS, 3DS, Wii & Wii U games in just two months time. In light of this news it means that you pick up some fantastic bargains as ASDA has slashed their retail price for these games and you can now get them for ridiculously low prices.  If you type in ASDA WiiU into the search bar on it has tons of offers including Mario Kart 8 for £20, Luigi’s Mansion 2 for £10, and some Wii U Bundles for around £180.

ASDAAsda apparently stopped selling the Wii U console in July ’13, however it seems now that Asda has no more plans sell any more Nintendo products in the foreseeable future. To date there has not been an official announcement to explain why they will not continue to Sell Nintendo products. However, if you are a big Nintendo fan and reside in the UK, make sure to check out your local Asda to see if you can get your hands on some of these great games at bargain prices.

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By Mike Scorpio

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