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The latest advyoshis_woolly_world_na_boxartertisement videos for “Yoshi’s Woolly World” just make you want to say “Awwwwww!” with big puppy dog eyes. I saw these videos on the Wii U UK Facebook page and I just had to share, I am now seriously thinking of getting one of these little guys even if I don’t buy the game itself but just to have a cute little yarn-made Yoshi Amiibo to look at every day. The videos below show the many different coloured outfits that you can unlock for your Yoshi character in the game and also that all the other amiibos can also unlock outfits for your Yoshi. Just imagine a Bowser or Samus Aran themed Yoshi, doesn’t that sound pretty cool. Well I shall leave you to enjoy the videos at your own leisure.


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