Mario Kart 8 is a prime example of DLC done right. With a fresh array of race courses, new racers including LinkVillager and new vehicles and mods to spice up gameplay and racing styles, The Replay value of this game is constantly being extended, the layouts and designs of the courses are astounding to look at, rich in colour and the graphics are amazing. The latest free DLC has really got players going, going at speeds unimaginable before in other games that is. Now with the new 200cc racing mode, gamers will be going out of their minds trying to control their vehicles at speeds that are next to impossible to maintain on tracks that they have aced on previous modes.

Link Rocking The Master Cycle In Mario Kart 8.

In my opinion Mario Kart 8 has by far been one of the most frustrating yet rewarding games on the Wii U to date. The game has a way of making Go-Karting, that is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and contort it into a twisted, masochistic punishment of the soul. In no other world is it possible to fire of a Red or Green shell to hit the racer in front of you and have it majestically, and defying the general law of physics, ricochet off the race course wall  and hit you head on instead. Whats worse is that once the inevitable has happened, you become a magnet for every other racer’s items and therefore will be left in 12 place with no chance of winning and to make matters worse, when you finally get a item block, you get lumbered with either a banana or a coin that will not provide a single advantage on progressing, especially on the third lap. Best of all, if you somehow manage to avoid all the carnage behind you and end up in first place, guaranteed there will be a blue shell with your name on it, blazing down the course with a strict purpose of ending your hopes and dreams of earning a 3 star gold trophy and having to accept a meagre bronze trophy instead.

Online Races Give A True Sense Of Pride When Making A Podium Finish Against Other Players Across The Globe.

With that in mind, I still enjoy the game and especially enjoy playing online with other players across the globe. There is no better feeling than a podium finish (particularly when finishing in first) when playing region and global races. There is an up-welling of pride and satisfaction when kicking the proverbial A$$ of other people around the globe. Even better is the chance to play the new DLC courses with others and learn their techniques to mastering each track to put to your own use in Local Grand Prix. Mario Kart 8 has not failed to deliver fantastic DLC and I hope it will continue to bring out new tracks and racers. I would definitely like to see a ‘Battle DLC’ at some point as I feel that it is the only game mode that is truly lacking to provide entertainment to the players.

What kind of DLC would you like to see for the game if Nintendo were to create more? What characters would you like to race as or courses to make a reappearance? What are your experiences with the game so far? Let us know in the comments section below.


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