The Dark Lord Of Hyrule Is Coming…. In June ’15

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Finally The Amiibo All Zelda Fans Have Been Waiting For Is Coming.

Ganon amiiboGanondorf will finally break free of his suspended incarceration and be released to the world in Amiibo form (well in Great Britain, Europe and Australia anyway). This long awaited villain has sought after and obsessed by many a Amiibo/Zelda collector including myself since he was announced to be released in Wave Five in the April 1st Nintendo Direct video and quite possibly since Nintendo announced that they would create Amiibos for all Smash Bros. Characters.

A Date has finally been confirmed that he along with other Amiibo including; Palutena, Dark Pit & Zero Suit Samus will be released in Europe & Great Britain on 26th of June ’15 and the next wave will be released 17th of July ’15 which, is to include Dr Mario, Bowser Jr & Olimar.


The Next Waves Of Amiibos consisting of; Ganondorf, Dark Pit, Palutena, Zero Suit Samus, Bowser Jr, Dr Mario & Olimar.

I have a space reserved especially for the Dark Lord in my Zelda Display.

I have a space reserved especially for the Dark Lord in my Zelda Display.

I have been waiting for The Dark Ruler Of Hyrule since I started collecting Amiibo and it seems the time has finally come to bow down to Consumerism, open my wallet, take out my Debit Card so I can decrease my bank funds once again  to obtain this Prized Amiibo and finish my collection of Zelda theme Amiibos at last.

The Links below are for various websites already offering Pre Orders in Europe And Australia.—Ganondorf-Character-Figure-Nintendo-3DS

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