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Amiibo_logo  The Latest Craze since they were first released in November of last year (2014), the Amiibo figurines have taken the world by storm. Their limited availability makes them all the more desirable and they look fantastic on any Nintendo fans shelf, display, collection, etc. Their ability to unlock cool new things in certain Game Titles gives said Game even more replayability. Whether it is unlocking a new Weapon in Hyrule Warriors. A customizable NPC fighter in Smash Bros. Wii U or a whole new Racing Suit for your Mii in Mario Kart 8 Their potential is becoming ever greater with more games being released with amiibo compatibility. Mario Party 10 has a whole game mode revolving around Amiibo and of course the more amiibo you have the more characters you can unlock in the Amiio Party mode to play. They also unlock special themed party boards related to the said Amiibo (Bowser unlocks a Bowser themed board, Rosalina unlocks a Mario Galaxy type board, the possibilities are endless).


My Zelda Amiibo Collection So Far With a Display I made my self and a few images I found on the internet 🙂

I myself am collecting the Zelda Series Amiibo and have found myself scouring the internet for hours at a time
with any kind of information to get my hands on the final figurine (at least for now) of the series… The Ganondorf Amiibo. In North America it will be released in September but in Europe, a date has been rumoured that Ganondorf will be available at the end of June 2015. The sad truth is that it is becoming a bit of an obsession to possess them all and I am worried I may miss out on owning this last amiibo for my collection. It is a sad thing to admit to but I know there are many other people out there that feel exactly the same and with Scalpers literally stealing away the chance to buy them affordably and then offering them at prices that would have us remortgaging our homes and risking homelessness to acquire them.


Some European Stores, for example in Germany and even Amazon have abundant stock of Amiibo for purchase.

Not all is doom and gloom though, the European online market still has plenty of these to offer at reasonable prices. You may have to pay a little extra on the postage and packaging but at least you can relax in the knowledge that you can still buy Little Mac or Lucina at a more reasonable price when they are restocked. The market for these figurines is expanding greater and greater, with companies designing display cases and stands. Private collectors have even taking up crafting to create their own display stands, shelves and other means to exhibit their personal collection of Amiibo. They look good and feel good to own but I don’t know whether I personally would go as far as to own all of them. I like my small yet personal collection but I also like to play with all of them and the idea of keeping them all in boxes to gather dust to be one day sold for millions (which I don’t think it is very likely) is not an ideal that appeals to me. If you are interested in buying Amiibo or already have Amiibo, make sure to stay up to date with my page as to when the Wave 5 Amiibo will be finallly available to pre-order and where to purchase them from.

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